Researchers At The Wilder Eye Institute At The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore Predicted In 2004 That The Number Of People In The Usa Affected By Cataracts Will Rise To 30.1 Million People Within 20 Years, An Increase Of 50 Percent, Because People Will Live Longer.

Other.actors that may lead to development of cataracts at an earlier age include excessive ultraviolet light exposure, exposure to ionizing radiation, diabetes, smoking, or the use of certain medications, such as oral, topical, or inhaled steroids. Obtaining Help On Reasonable Vitrectomy Secrets | Guidance For That EyeIn most cases, delaying cataract surgery will not cause long-term damage to your eye or make the surgery more difficult. If these measures do not help, cataract eye surgery is currently the only effective treatment. People with diabetes or those taking high doses of steroid medications have a greater risk of developing a sub capsular cataract. Contact lensContact lens . As life span increases in the developed world due to modern technology and new methods of treatment of acute and chronic disease, the incidence of age-related cataracts will continue to increase. In severe blunt trauma, or injuries which penetrate the eye, the capsule in which the lens sits can be damaged. In fact, people can have an age-related cataract in their 40s and 50s.

By.he age of 80, almost all of us will have some degree of cataract formation. Researchers at the wilder Eye Institute at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore predicted in 2004 that the number of people in the USA affected by cataracts will rise to 30.1 million people within 20 years, an increase of 50 percent, because people will live longer. Work with your doctor to choose the best one for you. By Gretchen Bailey ; reviewed by Vance Thompson, MD A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, which lies behind the iris and the pupil . Cataract glasses. Often there are only mild vision changes. Studies Have Shown That Older People Are At A Greater Risk Of Developing The Open-angle Form Of The Disease Due To Myopia And Their Thinner Corneas. | Advice For Your EyeCataracts can be diagnosed with an eye examination. Diet, vegetarianism, and cataract risk. January 2008. You will need to wear an eye shield or eyeglasses to help protect your eye. Traumatic cataracts develop after an injury to the eye, but it can take several years for this to happen. Make sure cataract surgery is right for you. Congenital cataracts, which are present at birth or form during a baby’s first year, are less common than age-related cataracts.

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